sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013


For the legendary huntress who lost a race and found her love
For the queen of Dardania who was the eyes of the greatest sow
And for the desired king of a narrow realm close to ours

Now that I’m no longer hooked
Now I can finally see it
I see it crystal clear
The harm I’m guilty of
The many people I wronged
While I was hooked

I took advantage of them
I ignored their feelings
Pretended they weren’t there
A hypocrite, a seducer, pathetically lustful
And now they hate me
They fear I'll hurt them even more
If they let me in again
And I deserve it
I shall wear that awful coffin made of lead
The eternal whirlwind shall stir me
Demons shall guide me with cruel whips

But until then
I live with my choices
And I must decide
Whether I broke those values of mine
Because I was hooked
Or those values were never truly mine
And I just wanted them to be so
And didn’t test them at all
And I wasn't worthy of them
In this world of indifference
Where the only thing you’ll have left
In the bitter end
As the grandpa of rock said:
Para cuando se te asome al pelo el gris
Más te vale que te sientas bien de ti

I thought I had found me
And who I was
But I’m lost in the dark woods
And I don’t know if I should go back

Or just close my eyes and step forward.

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